Walk the Talk


by Kenny Luck

Use Me.
For he chose us in him before the

creation of the world to be holy and
blameless in his sight. Ephesians 1:4.

The one thing the devil fears more than any other thing is a God’s man who is willing to say these two little words each day: “use me.”


We especially grab Satan’s attention when God asks us to begin inviting

others to explore a relationship with Christ. Satan will stop at nothing to keep these two words: “use me” from ever being fused together in prayer. He needs to keep them separate in your life. Using other things is much better, he’ll say. Using people, substances, credit cards, false motivations, feelings, is all great. Using them now is optimal.

If the devil can make God’s man a dedicated user, occupying his life and mind with other things, we won’t be available to be used by

So go on, he’ll say, use abuse and blow a fuse!


Satan would love to decommission you, dishonorably discharge you, and

destroy your availability.Use me.” Two little words — a verb and a pronoun. If meant sincerely, they will turn your life around.

Father, use me. I want to be your man



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On July 24th we met with many from around the community at The Crossing Church to clear away a wooded section behind the church. This area is being designed for an open to the public Disc Golf Course.


On September 11 The Hope Alive 2021 event was held at East Forsyth High School on the football field.  Around 800 people attended to hear Lt Governor Mark Robinson, Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough, Kernersville Chief of Police Tim Summers, Kernersville Police Officer Sean Houle, and Dr Pete Kunkle of First Christian Church Ministries speak in remembrance of the attack of the world trade center in NYC, perseverance and strengthening of our communities through faith and guidance from God.

Upcoming Events

Men’s Breakfast every 1st and 3rd Friday Each Month

Join us for the best breakfast in town. ALL men are welcome! Along with breakfast, we will serve up some fellowship, prayer, study, and a short message from our guest speaker.


Bible Overview Classes with Liberty Professor Dr. Mark Nickens

Each Friday Morning from September 10, 2021 – October 01. 2021 Join us as we dig deeper into the history and order of the bible.



BOLD Becoming Obedient Led Disciples

BOLD Becoming Obedient Led Disciples is a men’s ministry group that meets on the 1st Saturday per month for fellowship, testimony, and bible study. If you want to learn more about Christ and how to grow his Kingdom or you are looking for fulllment in your life that only Christ can provide, join us!


Christian Dad Joke of the Month

Q: What did pirates call Noah’s boat?

A: The Arrrrrrrk.


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