The Warrior Soul

5 Powerful Principles To Make You A stronger Man of God

We may not wear a uniform, eat in a mess hall, or dodge actual bullets for a living, but we are
in a war—a very crucial one.  Just walk into any room of people and you’ll find immeasurable
pain and wounds.  On the outside we wear our camouflage well, but on the inside, deep within
our own souls, we realize life is conflict.  It is traceable to a single source:  Satan, the adversary
of our souls.
Written by two US Army Green Berets, The Warrior’s Soul provides a guide for how to apply the
techniques of a true warrior in the spiritual realm by emphasizing five core elements:
  • A cause greater than self—why we fight
  • A settled memory—the link between history and current circumstances
  • A personal intensity—eager for challenges and undistracted by personal issues
  • An unflagging optimism—an absolute commitment to never surrender
  • A deep camaraderie—a personal commitment to fellow warriors
True warriors are willing to stand when others bow.  With this first-rate preparation for spiritual
battle you can stand strong and see victory.